Physical Commodity Market

In order to realize the financial integrity of the national commodity market, PT KBI as a Clearing and Guarantee Institution for Settlement of Physical Commodity Market transactions, also integrates with trading in Indonesia's leading commodities. These commodities include mining commodities to digital assets. Integration between physical traders and exchanges, clearing houses and logistics centers will provide more reliable security for investors.

Tin is one of Indonesia's superior natural resources, which is also an important part in developing the export market originating from Indonesia, in addition to other resource products such as coal and other mineral products. Currently, Indonesia is the largest producing country after China.

The Jakarta Futures Exchange as a futures exchange that partners with the Commodity Futures Clearing Institution (LKB), namely PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia, received permission as an exchange and clearing house for pure tin bullion transactions in August 2019. Carrying out physical trading of tin commodities at the Jakarta Futures Exchange is economically beneficial. a door that will provide added value for the Indonesian people who are producers of tin commodities.
Crypto assets are digital currencies that use cryptographic technology to secure transactions.
Digital gold is gold that is traded digitally or via an online platform. Through this method, it will be easier for everyone to invest in gold because they no longer need to hold or store the precious metal in physical form.

PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (KBI) as a clearing institution will guarantee transactions related to digital gold run in accordance with existing regulations.