Commodity Futures Trading

Commodity Futures Trading by definition is everything that is related to buying and selling commodities, margin withdrawal, and settlement based on Futures Contract, Sharia Derivative Contract, and/or other Derivative Contract.

PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia as an appointed clearing institution in the futures trading industry, it has a strategic role that functions to maintain the financial integrity of business actors. These roles include:

Transaction Registration

Registering transactions in futures contracts and/or other equivalent derivatives both for the exchange and over the counter (OTC), including verifying the completeness and correctness of the transactions.

Subtitution Function

The Clearing House will carry out novation or substitution functions for futures/derivative contract transactions registered by Buyer and Seller Clearing Members. Through a novation or substitution process, the Clearing House will guarantee the Buyer's rights and obligations for each Seller Clearing Member and also guaranteeing the Seller's rights and obligations for each Buyer Clearing Member.

Guarantee & Clearing

Calculating profits and losses on futures contracts and/or other derivatives based on the settlement price determined by Futures Exchange for each contract that is registered.


The Clearing House carries out settlement of futures trading transactions and/or other derivatives to close a Clearing Member's open contract with some settlement, including the settlement of transactions by liquidation/offset, settlement of transactions by physical delivery, settlement of transactions in cash (cash settlement) and settlement of transactions by physical futures exchange.

Risk Management

PT KBI manages risk of Margin Fulfillment, Clearing Guarantee Fund / Security Deposit, Adjusted Net Capital (MDB), and Separate Fund Accounts (Segregated Accounts and Unsegregated Accounts)

Derivative Clearing System

Derivative Clearing System is a system used to calculate the rights and obligations of each Clearing Member, including daily financial report positions, transaction reports, open position reports and initial margin reports.


Sistem Informasi Transaksi Nasabah (SITNa)

SITNa is a system for serving customers in the Futures trading industry. Used to monitor transactions in clearing.

Kunjungi SITNa