Warehouse Receipt System

The Warehouse Receipt System is an activity related to the issuance, transfer, guarantee and settlement of Warehouse Receipt Transactions.

This strategic instrument aims to empower farmers and business actors so that the commodities produced are able to provide economic value and increase their competitiveness in the national and international economy.

Warehouse Receipt

A warehouse receipt is a document or proof of ownership for goods that are stored in a warehouse and issued by the warehouse manager who has received approval from BAPPEBTI and has collaborated with PT Kliring Berjangka Indonesia (Persero).

Terms and Condition for Warehouse Receipt

Commodities that have a minimum shelf life of 3 (three) months and meet certain quality standards.

As of now there are 22 (Twenty Two) commodities included in the Warehouse Receipt System: Grain, Rice, Corn, Coffee, Cocoa, Pepper, Rubber, Seaweed, Rattan, Salt, Gambier, Tea, Copra, Tin, Shallots, Fish, Nutmeg, Frozen Chicken Carcass, White Crystal Sugar, Soybeans, Tobacco, Cinnamon and can still increase.


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The Role of the Warehouse Receipt Center

  Administration of Warehouse Receipts & Warehouse Receipt Derivatives
  • Recording
    Transfer of Ownership Book
    Correction of Warranty Rights
  Providing System and Information Network
  • Informasi System Warehouse Recipt (ISWARE)
  • Giving Confirmation
  • Keeping Secrecy

IS-Ware Next Gen System

This system is used to control and operate Warehouse Receipts

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